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The conference will take place on the Lev Campus of Jerusalem College of Technology (Lev Academic Center).

The campus is located at 21, Havaad Haleumi Street, Jerusalem, in the Givat Mordechai area. It is close to the Begin Road and can be easily reached by public transportation.






Yefe Nof station (close to Shaare Tsedek Hospital), then cross the road and take bus 39 to Givat Mordechai.



they have a yellow sign on their roof with a registration number. You can stop a taxi on the street, or find taxi stations in every part of Jerusalem. Some companies have a mobile application (for example Gett).

For participants coming with a car, there is a parking lot at the entrance of the campus. On the campus, the parking facilities are quite limited. In the immediate neighborhood of the workshop venue is a cafeteria open all day long. There are also vending machines at various places of the campus for sna

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