How to contribute



Contributed talks

The talks will be given in parallel sessions; the length is 30 minutes including discussion. Abstracts (max 300 words) of contributed talks should be submitted by TBA.



Research results can be presented on posters. There will be time allocated to present and discuss posters. Abstracts (max 300 words) of posters should be submitted by TBA.


Working groups

Talks will be organized around topics (proposed list is below). We welcome proposals (max 500 words) of working groups by TBA in which participants can contribute talks/papers. In working group sessions plenty of time will be allocated for in-depth discussion of talks/papers.



We encourage participants and software developers to organize workshops. Proposals (max 500 words) should be submitted by TBA. Please let us know about the technical facilities needed for the workshop. The time limit is 1.5 hour per workshop.

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