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There are numerous hotels, hostels, albergos, etc. in Jerusalem.

Here is a website where the hotels are classified according to various criteria:

  • star number

  • location, etc.  

Here are the areas we suggest you choose:

  1. Central Bus Station Mall (the central bus station is not in city center, this is a name for the intercity main bus station) (Tramway stop: Central Station)

  2. West Jerusalem (probably the closest to the campus are listed there): Ramada, Jerusalem Gardens Hotel and Spa, Prima Park are on the same street (Vilani St.). Tramway stop: Kiryat Moshe (Ben Dor)

  3. Jaffa Street area.

  4. City Center (Tramway stop: Jaffa Center)

  5. Machane Yehuda stop Market (Tramway: Mahane Yehuda)


The closest hotel is Rimonim Shalom. On foot, via a "trail", it takes 5-7
minutes to the campus. A taxi ride takes 5-8 minutes.

1-2: From there you arrive to the campus entrance by bus no 6 (3 stops).

3-4-5: you arrive to the campus with bus 19 or with the Tramway (until
stop Yefe Nof) and then bus 5, 39 (it will take about 25 minutes,
depending on the period).

There are also good hotels close to Old City, but at a greater distance
from the campus. Tramway stops: Shivtei Israel, Shimon Hatsadik.

The black arrow shows the direction to the campus.

 Some hotels are listed in more than one area, as these areas are not
disconnected open sets.

Of course, you may use classical sites such as,,, etc. The first one has a special sub-website for
cheap hotels in Jerusalem.

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