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The conference will be arranged around four important themes — Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Assessment — using digital tools, in particular Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS), Theorem Proving Systems (TPS) and combinations of these technologies. As a whole, contributions related to STEAM Education will be welcome.

 This includes, but is not restricted to, contributions to the following fields.


  • The impact of digital tools on mathematics teaching

  • The changing role of the teacher

  • Teachers’ professional development

  • Teacher training

  • Distance learning and digital tools


  • The impact of digital tools on students’ learning

  • Students’ attitudes toward digital tools

  • Understanding and knowledge with respect to digital tools

  • Algebraic skills and digital tools

  • Instrumentation and Instrumentalization

  • Creativity and digital tools


  • Design of learning environments and curricula

  • Implementation of curricula and classroom practices

  • Innovative practices

  • Promises of digital tools for curriculum development and administration


  • Assessment with digital tools

  • Web-based assessment systems

  • Problem solving and stepwise use of digital tools

  • Intelligent Assessment

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